1. Introduction

Welcome to Finding Your Voice - you're clearly committed to investing in yourself and to improving your presentation/public speaking skills. If you practice and incorporate these into your daily life, I am confident that you will become a more dynamic/impactful/confident speaker and gain an excellent return on your investment in this program.

-Realize that this is a process. It will take time and work to improve. Enjoy the lessons and don't beat yourself up if some parts of it come slowly to you.

-Wear comfortable clothes so they do not constrict your movement as you work.

-Find a space where you can move and speak without disturbing anyone.

-There are many exercises in the course, you may want to watch the videos first and then later go through again, pausing to do the exercises.

-Watch it on the biggest screen you can. After each video, there is a worksheet with reminders and tips about that lesson. Refer to the worksheet when you go through the lesson again.

-Lesson 1 is an introduction to the course, so press play and let's begin!

Congratulations on beginning your journey to becoming a great public speaker. The following videos are a comprehensive guide to improving your skills and overcoming many of the common problems speakers encounter. I hope you enjoy the lessons and take a great leap forward in your speaking skills. Your next lesson deals with the most basic tool for a speaker: your breath.

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